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CEO: MR. Mohammad Mostafazadeh

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Master Plumber
Plumbing – Drain Sewer Services:
* Faucet Installation
* Clogged Toilets & Sinks
* Drain Camera Inspections
* Pipe & Drain Snaking
* Toilet Replacement
* Drain Repair
* Water Lines Replacement
Master Lic#T95-4430226
Red Seal Lic# 400200053
T94 Lic#T94-4430223

☎️ Tel:647.979.5969
☎️ Tel:647.879.5969

Founder & CEO : Mohammad Mostafazadeh

180. Acton Avenue North York on M3H 4H5

استاد لوله کشی  لوله کشی – خدمات تخلیه فاضلاب:  * نصب پکیج رادیاتور – سیستم های حرارت مرکزی  * دستشویی و سینک های   * بازرسی دوربین تخلیه  * لوله کشیدن و تخلیه  * تعویض توالت  * تعمیرات تخلیه  * تعویض خطوط آب  * کلیه خدمات فنی  با مدیریت محمد مصطفی زاده
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Dear My Uncle Car Mohammad Mostafazadeh محمد مصطفی زاده Dear My Uncle Car Mohammad Mostafazadeh محمد مصطفی زاده

Most of the time, when you need a plumber, you need one NOW. Some plumbing problems just can’t wait and at IPlumbing we believe you shouldn’t have to. As a comprehensive supplier of plumbing repairs and services in Ontario, IPlumbing offers the fastest response time and most experienced plumbers in Toronto. Our services range from residential to commercial and no job is too small or too large. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our plumbers are seasoned professionals with years of experience and knowledge to successfully complete whatever the job may be. To make sure you feel completely at ease and safe, we only utilize the services of highly qualified, insured and bonded plumbers, who have agreed to a full background check. We take pride in our work and will not consider the job complete until you the customer are fully satisfied. Give us a call today to learn more about our services! Toronto licensed drain and sewer plumbers at your service! We are drain cleaning, maintenance and repair specialists, and here’s what we do:

– Drain and Pipe Tree Root Removal
– New drains
– Drain snaking
– Camera inspection and pipe locating
– Greece traps
– Trench-less pipe replacements
– Pipe bursting
– Back flow prevention
– and much more!

* Quick and professional drain repairs
* 100% satisfaction guarantee policy
* 24/7 emergencies is our forte!

Canada, Toronto, York, North York, Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, King city, Gormley, Ballanrae, Goodwood, Newmarket, Young. Toronto, Canada.

Iplumbing (Plumbing & Drain Work) — Founder & CEO : Mohammad MostafazadehIplumbing (Plumbing & Drain Work) — Founder & CEO : Mohammad Mostafazadeh